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12 Time Tracking Software for SMEs 2022

You can save money on time clock solutions that offer essential features such as easy scheduling, communication and employee training.


We have scoured the market to find the top 10 time tracking software.

1. UBS PMS (Time Tracking Software)

UBS Time tracking software is a way to keep up with the organization’s record of the working hours and hours employees spend on different tasks at work. It helps you to make sure that your employees are compensated accurately. UBS PMS is designed to help you with all the aspects of handling a task, creating a project, and planning it, and then ultimately track the time invested into its completion. Here, you can make sure, the task is running on time. Add assign tasks, add a due date, set priority, designate tags, and mention followers. UBS PMS gives you the ultimate time tracker to keep your resources on point, working on the pre-planned tasks of your project.

Special features

  • Accurate reports for entry, tasks, and project
  • Easy to know the project’s progress
  • Help you to analyse the budget and find discrepancies

2. T-Sheets

The T-Sheets mobile app (now QuickBooks Time) can track hours using a GPS stamp, even without WiFi or mobile coverage. The app makes it easy to track, submit, and approve time. T-Sheets allow you to filter by job, shift or task. This makes it easy to schedule and manage timesheets. Notify employees to clock in and out and to submit time for payroll.


Key Features:


  • Monitor and track employee locations
  • Time Clock Kiosk


3. Harvest

Harvest allows you to use the stopwatch to keep track of time as you clock in and out or manually enter hours. Harvest allows you to view employee timesheets and track time per client or project. Harvest is accessible on both smartphones and desktops. You can also track expenses by taking a picture of your receipt and adding details. Finally, click save to save.


Key Features:


  • Simple to use app for employee time tracking
  • Monitor expenses easily
  • Easy integration with multiple apps


4. Jibble

When you start or finish a task or project, “Jibble in” or “Jibble out”. Enable the “Selfie” recognition to verify your “Jibbling” via your mobile phone. You can use the weekly or monthly timesheets to pay your payroll or the daily timesheets to perform performance reviews. You can also see how long you spent on specific projects and tasks.


Key Features:


  • Access Jibble on desktop, mobile or Microsoft Teams via Slack.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly alerts in depth
  • Install an iPad Kiosk to allow employees to clock in at the same location.


5. HoursTracker

HoursTracker is a great tool for tracking employee hours, earnings, business expenses and payment periods. It’s ideal for employees who are constantly on the move, eliminating manual entry. HoursTracker tracks employee hours based on when they arrive or leave the job site.


Key Features:


  • A user-friendly interface
  • Automated breaks
  • Comment or add notes to time entries


6. Tick

Tick is a time tracking tool that helps businesses keep track of hours. It also produces timesheet reports that give direct data and feedback on the budget. This project management app helps you track the time it takes for specific tasks and projects. It also allows you to increase productivity.


Key Features:


  • Clear oversight of projects
  • Clear budgeting oversight


7. Beebole

Beebole is a time tracking app that’s simple and efficient for both small businesses and remote workers. Beebole allows you to track employee attendance and absences easily. Your employees will be able to approve their timesheets at the end of each month quickly. There are automated reminders that remind employees to send in their timesheets if they forget. Management can also approve or automate timesheets, greatly reducing the time required to pay payroll.


Key Features:


  • System is user-friendly
  • You can easily organize and search for customers, employees, or projects.
  • Automated reminders for timesheets
  • Timesheets can be manually or automatically approved


8. RescueTime

RescueTime tracks not only your work hours but also the time you spend on different websites, programs, and apps. Employees can see what’s taking the most time and what they should focus on. Better time management can improve employee productivity and efficiency.


Key Features:


  • Time management
  • KPIs and targets for goals
  • Distracting websites and apps are blocked


9. Replicon

Replicon, a time-tracking app, allows administrators to track time and expenses throughout their business to increase profitability and improve performance. Managers can keep track of their time and attendance with GPS technology and notifications.


Key Features:


  • Time in and time out
  • Hours of work
  • Time capture
  • GPS technology
  • Automated timesheets
  • Notes and attachments


10. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is a time tracking software that also manages projects and employees. This time tracking software allows administrators to pay employees from the app via integrations like Payoneer or Paypal. Managers can take desktop screenshots of employees to see what they are working on.


Key Features:


  • Auto photos
  • Chat monitoring
  • Online timesheets
  • Time tracking offline
  • Customization features


11. Time tracking

TrackingTime’s features and ease of use are well balanced. The time tracking app lets users share their reports with upper management, which helps to increase productivity.


Key Features:


  • Productivity Management
  • Reporting engine
  • Integrations of apps
  • Approval of Timecards
  • Timesheet audits
  • Budgeting


12. QuickBooks Time

Quickbooks Time integrates with Quickbooks and other feature-based tools. It allows users to clock in and out quickly and also allows them to easily take breaks, modify job codes, and customize time cards.


Key Features:


  • Tracking time and expenses
  • Payroll management
  • Timesheets
  • Tracker for PTO
  • Timecards
  • GPS technology
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