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Detoxify Your Closet with the Latest Organic Cotton Clothing


When it comes to sustainable living then the first thing, we think about is Organic food. It is a must-have for anyone looking for sustainable living. It is considered to be a wholesome, clean and healthy eating style. To match organic food’s holistic and clean-living approach, the fashion industry is now incorporating organic cotton clothing into its fashion list.

Organic terms and lifestyle have become a debate around the globe but the fashion industry is somewhat resilient to eco friendly clothing or is just a little concerned about them. It is surprising because our skin is the largest organ of our body so not considered organic while wearing is kind a questionable.

Of course, ethical women’s clothing is still not so mainstream because organic cotton is the major part of sustainable clothing. But don’t worry, continue reading the following to detoxify your closet with organic clothes. Here is what you need to know.

What Lies Beneath

Starting with organic lingerie and undergarments. After all, you are going to expose the most intimate parts of your body and the traditional lingerie and undergarments are dyed with harmful chemicals. Choosing organic clothing brands is crucial, especially for those who have sensitive skins and the harmful toxins can cause rashes on their skin.

There are skin conditions such as eczema, thrush, and rosacea that can be a common reason for wearing such synthetic clothing items. If you switched once to eco-friendly clothes like cotton underwear or nightwear then you sure will not go back to the traditional one. The experience would be too comfortable that you may even think about changing your bed linen to organic bed linen as well.

Best Organic Materials

There are materials like organic bamboo silk that let you have the luxury that you will ever expect every day. Another material is organic cotton which also feels softer to touch. The reason behind this is farming. Traditional cotton is grown in the worst way possible.

It will require the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that you may haven’t heard about and even after the farming, the production and manufacturing affect the feel of traditional cotton as well. The harsh chemicals affect the quality of the cotton and silk which cannot be compared to organic cotton and organic silk. So consider buying knickers, pajamas, and eco apparel made of such apparel.

Look for the Label

Looking for and knowing about the certification can be a little daunting task. If you are going to buy organic clothes for the first time then knowing about the labels from too many brands will be a confusing task because they will all be claiming to be using the organic material in them. While looking at different organic clothing items online, take a look at their material.

Look for GOTS certified clothing. With such certification, you will have peace of mind that you are in right place. One of the best organic brands to look for is Neunomads, which works exclusively with GOTS and fair-trade cotton. If you ever planned to buy organic undergarments or dresses then this should be one of the best eco friendly clothing brands you should consider.

Promote Organic Clothing Brands

Organic clothing comes from the crops farmed through organic farming methods which means the farmers working on them are doing their best to keep their crops free from harmful pesticides and fertilizers. This won’t just make the environment safer for them but us as well. Also, their working environment will be great for their health but they will be paid a fair wage as well. However, it is the consumer that can help spread the idea of natural clothing brands.

It shouldn’t come as surprise how commercial agricultural workers worldwide suffer from mild to severe pesticide poisoning.  About 1 million of them will require hospitalization each year, according to a report prepared for organizations like WHO. These figures represent the 25 million to 77 million agricultural workers worldwide. While you cannot stop the resources and human exploitation, you can increase the demand for ethical women’s clothing.

With more demand, there will be more productivity for organic material so there will be a fair environment for workers and farmers alike.

Feel The Difference

When we talk about organic fashion or organic fashionistas then they are obsessed with the fabric and for all the right reasons. Start with organic cotton by sustainable clothing brands. Try it for yourself and you will never have experienced the softness of any material for sure. It can withstand several washes so it stays fresher way better than the traditional one.

It has better durability and stretch so it drapes around the body perfectly. This makes them a perfect match for working womens organic clothing. Browse through the latest collection of ecofriendly clothing brands and you will never be disappointed.

Organic VS Traditional Cotton

You must be wondering that both are kinds of cotton so what is the big deal about either of them. Well, this is the point. As mentioned earlier those pesticides and harsh chemicals are used to grow and manufacture traditional cotton and it requires a hefty amount of water as well. It is known to be the dirtiest crop on earth. On the other hand, the environment stays clean with organic cotton farming.

Its manufacturing requires no chemicals and even there is a natural dying process which makes the quality of the organic cotton unmatched. This is the reason why converting to ecofriendly clothing brands is the best way to keep your body in touch with organic material forever.

Save The Environment

Fashion is a part of life and we all know about this. But you don’t have to make your environment suffer from your fashion choices. So, it is recommended to go for eco friendly beauty brands to be sustainable fashionistas. Detoxify your wardrobe with organic clothing brands and give your life the much-required changes it deserves.

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