Benefits Of Swimming

The Benefits Of Swimming For Physical Health

Swimming is good for your health! But what are its physical benefits? What did she bring you? I tell you everything!

If you are reading this article, you have probably heard about the physical benefits of swimming … So, you would like to understand how swimming affects physical health and why it is recommended even in the prevention of some chronic pain by physiotherapists. To find out, I did my survey to give you the top 6 benefits of swimming with lifeguard class .

And without a doubt, at the end of this article you will want to take a step further than ever!


To be and Be in shape , it is desirable to have physical activity normally. But sometimes sports can negatively affect your body: knee , muscle pain , back pain … one of the biggest benefits of swimming is its sweetness with your wrists because this is a sport without moves.

Swimming therefore ” makes you move” while preserving your joints … It will even have a positive effect on them by developing flexibility and strengthening them.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis like over 10 million French people, swimming will help you work on the amplitude of your joints , etc. relieve your pain … If you have not yet jumped into the water, you can talk about swimming , see a doctor or physiotherapist. He will give you the right floats and good movements to perform according to your pain .


La swimming is one of the energy intensive sports! Count about 400 calories burned an hour of moderate speed swimming and you can climb up to 900 calories while swimming intensely. Therefore, it is an ideal sport to control your weight .

You can discover our program to help you lose weight by swimming .

To control your weight , 2-3 sessions are enough. Remember, miracles do not happen, the key to success is to maintain your physical activity through a balanced diet.


 Do you feel like you lack tone? Want to find some muscle you feel better in your body ? This is already a very good reason! But working muscle is not just a matter of aesthetics. Indeed, often working muscle brings many physical benefits :

 Improved position

  1. Reduce Dousers Chronicles (back, shoulders, knees …)
  2. prophylaxis risks injury and osteoporosis
  3. Skeleton preservation
  4. Smooth movement (especially after 60 years)

Would you understand, tone et works muscles important for health .

Swimming allows you to work with all the muscles efficiently and without pain . Indeed, the human body floats in the water by 80%, so that the movements are easier to perform, and the resistance created by the water allows the muscles to work deeply.

Other kindness your fitness belt abdominal , sometimes difficult to access, especially in demand while swimming . And a strengthened abdominal belt improves your position , especially if you work all day sitting and help relieve back pain … In short, your body will thank you!


And like any other cardio sport , this will allow you to support this muscle. What is your heart ? Like any muscle , the more you train your heart , the better it works. An estimated hour of moderate-speed swimming , performed at least 3 times a week, can improve heart performance … impressively!

Swimming also has a positive effect on respiratory function … I have to say that in swimming , breath essential in swimming technique : I know when to breathe and how. This is a skill acquired over the years after swimming , it will allow to increase the volume of the lungs but also to improve the Oxygen supply for the muscle during the effort.

Finally, keep in mind that cardio practice gives you a feeling of surge of energy throughout the day. Do you suddenly feel a little tired? So, move on to the basin to get back in shape and energy!


You suffer from severe water retention legs and you are a bad roofer ?

Why? It involves repetition of many movements and muscle alternation of contractions and relaxation. Exactly this alternative will facilitate the roofing … Of course, this does not replace the advice of a professional, only he can give you what you need. tips tailored to your needs and health .

Plus, getting water on your skin with every movement will produce a drained massage that helps fight cellulite … Say goodbye to your dimples !


Does this last point surprise you? And yet this is very serious! A study conducted by the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education found that 40 men between the ages of 20 and 20 were found to have a 50 % lower risk of death compared to sedentary men and even conventional walkers and runners! Yes, we, when we discovered this study, made the same person as you when you read it.

De Plus, swimming has a positive effect on many diseases  : cholesterol , high blood pressure , asthma , heart disease and even diabetes .

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