Santeria Yoruba Religion

A Precise Guide About Santeria Yoruba Religion

Santeria was based on the beliefs of Yoruba. The word Santeria means “Way of the Saints.” It is an Afro-Caribbean religion. The Santeria religion has some components of the Roman Catholics. The basic idea behind religion is establishing personal relationships between the practitioners of this religion and the Orisha Deities. However, these ideas are followed through sacrifice, divination, mediumship, protection, and wisdom. Santeria is a hybrid religion that arose in Cuba due to the slave trade.

Understanding Santeria Yoruba Religion

The Santeria Yoruba religion teaches us that every individual has a pre-planned destiny from God. This destiny completes with the help and powers of Orishas. It also teaches us to devote our favorite thing to God, Such as an animal sacrifice. They slaughter animals that people eat later during ceremonies, such as weddings, birthdays, and deaths. These animals include chickens, goats, sheep, and turtles. The placement of the dead chicken likely has some symbolic meaning. The orishas are powerful but not immortal, according to Santeria belief. They rely on sacrifice for survival. It is also believed that Orishas can be seen in this universe when they possess a priest during some specific ceremonies.

Various mythologies surround these orishas. Some people think they can be seen, while others believe they are divine entities that cannot be seen but only felt. Many individuals say that they are supernatural entities subservient to Olodumare, a transcendent creator deity. Many people believe Olodumare to be the ultimate source of aché, ethereal energy that permeates the universe through ceremonial deeds.

Religion also says that one supreme being has power over everybody. They believe in the divine oneness of a supreme being. The Orishas are similar to ancient Greek Gods. The Greek Gods represent a force and a set of human behavioral characteristics or archetypes.

Number Of Orisha’s

An Orisha is a spirit or deity that shows one of the manifestations of God. The Santeria Yoruba religion often tells that there is 400+ orisha. People think of this number as a pious number. However, many individuals also believe that the number is as many as you think of, plus the addition of one. Different traditions have different number counts. For example, some say there are 400, 600, 700, or 1440 orishas.

The youngest orisha is Ayagunna, who is under the god of Obatala in the Lukumi. The Santeria religion followers also believe in Jesus Christ, which they call Olofi. There is a Santeria saint many people think of as the mother of all the Orisas. Many individuals believe she is a strong woman and will protect all the women who follow the Santeria Yoruba Religion. The most powerful god of this religion is “Chango.” He is the most senior God and has authority over all other gods. However, it is a vast religion, and there is a lot to explore for beginners who have an interest.


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