What Makes Xfinity Double Play a Friendly Package

What Makes Xfinity Double Play a Friendly Package?

Xfinity is the greatest internet service provider in America, and it’s ideal to get XFINTY TV combined with an unbeatable combo of both home phone line AND cable package. When you bundle any one or more our services together through a double play package – like here at my house where I have both!–you’ll score all sorts special rewards just by having them included within your purchase! So what are ya waiting for? Get yourself some great deals today by getting set up on this incredible offer from us folks.

Enough Speed for the Family

When you are running your home with the help of Xfinity high-speed internet, there is nothing that can stop you. You’ll be able to stream videos and play games without any problems no matter where in this big house everyone happens live! With an xFi Gateway device paired alongside their fast speeds it’s like having maximum coverage for every room as longs they have access too so don’t miss out on all these goodies just because one person doesn’t know.

Secure Internet

When you sign up for Xfinity, they give your home a security system that includes firewalls and advanced encryption. You can protect all of the devices on your network with parental controls to keep out inappropriate content like hackers or viruses; plus if there are children in their youth group at church who come over after hours (or any kids whatsoever!), then worry not because we’ve got them covered too-banned ages restrictive media from every device and limited time online!


The best thing about getting Double Play from Xfinity is that you not only get two services in one package, but it’s also cost-effective. When combined with their TV and internet offerings they offer many perks to make your investment worth it! For example saving money on billing as well installation fees by having this service all Under One Roof (OUF). This way not only do we save energy or time; there are financial benefits too since everything stays locked together through an integrated platform called “Xios” which links customer devices remotely so even if someone leaves home without turning off his/her television set–they can still watch.

Xfinity Flex 4K Box

Xfinity is offering a free 4K video stream that comes with their internet service. With this, you can watch HDR and lower quality content on the XFinity Flex box as well! If they’re also providing it to those who sign up for TV services then I imagine there will be plenty of people interested in how great these streaming boxes look (and sound).

Voice Control

Xfinity’s award-winning voice technology makes it easy to control and operate your TV with just the sound of a few words. With Xfinity, you can get answers for all those questions that pop into mind when using automation such as “what channel is Simpsons on?,” or have parental controls activated so no one messes around while watching their favorite show in bed before they wake up early tomorrow morning!

For Sports Fans

The Xfinity Sports Zone allows you to receive notifications about your favorite sports TV shows, watch live events from anywhere in the world and check scores. All this with an awesome app for mobile devices!

Kids Zone

Xfinity internet, TV and X1 Radio are great for kids because they allow you to show them age-appropriate content while also allowing control over screen time. When it comes the Kids Zone in your service provider’s package of services (such as Netflix), there is a separate section that provides safe watching options; such like providing limits on how long children can spend online each day without supervision or installing monitoring software onto their devices which will track what programs adults see when supervising’s not looking

XFINITY from Comcast has wonderful features designed specifically with families who have small bands at home involved – whether gamers amongst yourselves

With Free Hotspots

Xfinity Sports Zone offers a great way for sports fans to stay updated on their favorite shows and check scores from anywhere. The app allows users 20 million free Wi-Fi hotspots that they can use without worrying about open security hazards, as long as you have Xfinity internet! With the additional benefit of up to 10 devices being registered with one account in order access these lounges it’s easy enough even if your drink was just taken away already by someone else who had more rights than anyone should ever rightfully deserve…



Xfinity is a great option for those who want to save time, money and energy. Now you can subscribe its offers by checking Xfinity Customer Service. It offers the highest level of security with its TV package as well! With this high-quality service you can enjoy your favorite shows without worrying about what’s happening online or on our screens at home – Xfinity has got everything covered so that every member in your family will be satisfied.

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