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How Can You Manage Traffic In Your City?

In developing countries, traffic congestion is a serious problem to deal with. It causes people to be late in reaching their destinations and wait a lot at traffic signals. As a traffic officer or city mayor, you have to manage road traffic and ensure smooth vehicle movement on your city roads. Apart from the use of a traffic management system, you have numerous options for the management of traffic in your city. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can follow:

Promote ride sharing

In many cities such as Delhi, Sydney, London, and Beijing across the world, people use their personal vehicles to reach their offices and allied destinations. In busy hours in the morning and evening, there are more personal vehicles in comparison with public transports. You can often come across a situation where a vehicle has only one rider. Such vehicles create congestion on city roads.

To deal with it, you should advocate the use of public transports and ride sharing. You should request your citizens to share their vehicles on alternate days and state them to know the benefits of sharing their rides for themselves and others.

Encourage lane driving and punish who violates lane driving

First, you should develop infrastructure for lane driving and encourage city residents to drive their vehicles only in the dedicated lanes for buses, cars, and heavy vehicles. For making people habituated to lane driving, you can charge heavy fines in initial days if they violate the rules.

Automate traffic signals

Usually, there is a heavy traffic jam on city roads during peak hours. The jam is heavier around traffic signals or roundabouts. Gradually, there is a huge line of vehicles around a traffic signal point. It occurs due to no proper working of traffic signals. To remove traffic congestion close to a traffic signal point or roundabout, you can think of automating signals and other alternatives such as the construction of flyovers and underpasses.

Create multi level parking spaces

Illegal parkings on the roadsides or market areas cause obstructions in smooth vehicle movements on city roads. As an authority, you should ensure your city has enough legal parking spaces and encourage residents not to park their vehicles as per their wish. As far as possible, construct multi level parking spaces and encourage people to park their vehicles at the respective parking places. Further, you can charge a heavy fine to people violating the rule. With time, people will get used to parking their vehicles well at authorised places only.

Rely on the use of traffic management systems

In the current world, technical advancements, especially in IoTs and AI, have helped a lot in the developments of several solutions. The solutions such as speed violation, traffic signal violation, and wrong way riding systems can help you a lot to manage traffic and enforce traffic rules and regulations.

Build separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists also play a pivotal role in traffic congestion on city roads. Such congestion usually takes place in residential or market areas. You can ensure having smooth traffic by constructing paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Further, you can encourage them to use their respective paths for their movements on the roads of the city.

Improve the number and frequency of public transport

Usually, people hate using public transport systems for their late arrivals and uncontrolled crowds. You should work on increasing the number of public transport means such as buses, shared taxis, and e-rickshaws. Further, work on enhancing their frequency. You should educate your city residents that public transportation systems are better now and they have relevant information on their mobile.


Managing traffic is a little tricky. However, working on developing respective infrastructure and using smart traffic management systems can help you a lot. Gradually, you will reduce traffic congestion on roads in your city.


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