Increase Smartphone Battery Life

Tips to Increase Smartphone Battery Life

Are you looking forward to knowing about the top tips to increase the battery life of your smartphones? Here, you will find out the best tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life. Smartphones have come a long way over the last few years, especially regarding design, camera and even processing power. However, we have not seen any big breakthrough in battery technology, which is difficult today given that smartphones come packed with mammoth-sized displays, numerous sensors and faster processors that take a toll on battery life.

While many smartphone developers offer Fast Charging and Power Modes to deal with the situation, a perfect solution is still missing. Moreover, many online stores offer coupons for smartphone battery. So you can also buy an extra battery for your smartphone with a great discount. To help you out, we have listed some lesser-known tips to increase smartphone battery life.


Airplane Mode Is Your Good Companion:

Sending and receiving wireless signals can strain the smartphone battery; therefore, it is good to turn on Airplane mode whenever you don’t want to use your network data. You need to pull down shade and click the Airplane mode button to immediately disconnect your smartphone from WiFi, disable Bluetooth and turn off mobile data. Whenever you want to use it, click it again to restore access. Many online stores offer discount deals and coupon codes to get smartphone batteries at affordable rates.

Turn Off Active Listening:

While if you activate your voice assistant with a wake word, your smartphone is constantly listening to you and using the battery while it waits. You may find this easily, but it costs more power than it’s worth. Whether it is a Google assistant or Bixby of Samsung, it is good for your smartphone to turn off this feature and save a little extra life of your smartphone battery.

Many Android smartphones have Assistant embedded into the OS, so hold down on the home screen button to call up the feature and click the inbox icon. Otherwise, open the app., click your profile pic and open Hey Google and Voice match and then turn off Hey Google. While, if you are constantly facing the issue with Bixby, then turn the whole thing off.

Reduce Screen Brightness:

It is the most important thing that you can do to extend your smartphone battery life significantly, especially for those who use smartphones with larger and sharper screens. People only need 100% brightness in outdoors or at midday when the sun is at its brightest. You can easily adjust this in Android by going to Settings, then clicking Display or by simply swiping down from the Notifications bar. Most of the latest models of smartphones also have an Adaptive brightness setting that will allow the smartphone to adjust automatically.

Some devices feature high screen refresh rates of up to 120Hz, which gives smoother viewing and drains smartphone battery life faster. You can also turn on the adaptive refresh rate setting so that your smartphone will adjust depending on what kind of content you are viewing, further extending your smartphone battery life.

Turn on Power Saving Mode:

When your smartphone battery falls below 15%, this is the most drastic time. The power-saving mode on all the Galaxy devices is the smartest feature that automatically decreases screen brightness. There is also an Emergency Mode on the new Samsung phones that you find under the Settings option when you see Safety and Emergency option.

This mode will allow you to sustain your smartphone battery for plenty of days, though you will only have access to core apps and features. Moreover, it also sends a message along with your location to select contact numbers, so they can see where you and your smartphone are.

Change Smartphone Screen Theme and Wallpaper to Dark Mode:

This tip will also translate to noticeable power savings. The new Samsung smartphones feature a Dark mode designed to reduce your smartphone battery life and be easy on the eyes later in the day. It is an option that you can use for changing the screen theme and wallpaper to convert it into dark mode. Furthermore, it will help you to save battery.

Turn Off Data Roaming:

By using this technique, you can save the battery of your smartphone and the Data. You need to turn off data mode while not using your smartphones. While if you are travelling in a remote or mountain region and your smartphone battery life is more important than connectivity, you can temporarily switch off data roaming. Many online stores offer coupon codes for smartphone battery to get better discounts.


These are the pro tips to extend the smartphone battery life. You can use them to not only extend your smartphone battery life but they will also to increase battery life. Many online stores offer coupons for smartphone battery so that you can use them for better discounts.


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