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Top 5 Video Editing Software That Famous Youtubers Use

If you want to create a channel on YouTube, you will have to use video editing software. There are lots of video editing software that are available on the internet. These video editing tools have made it easy to edit and create videos for the YouTube channel. Its reason is that these video editing tools provide an easy drag and drop option to create the best quality videos. It is also a fact that all the video editing software is not useful for YouTubers. Here, we will discuss the top five video editing software that famous YouTubers are using;

  1. iMovie:

Most famous YouTubers use iMovie in the beginning. Its reason is that no one has enough money to spend on the paid software in the beginning. If you are a beginner, this is the best software for you. Moreover, it’s easy to use interface is also helpful for beginners in editing the videos effectively. This video editing software is also highly accessible for beginners. It also has a powerful mobile version. Using its powerful mobile version, you can edit videos from your android phone. While editing the videos for YouTube, you will have to use titles and credits. This tool also provides a huge collection of extended titles and credits. If you want to add a cinematic touch to the YouTube videos, you can also use its creative video filters. This software is also rich in features. These features are helpful to you to improve the quality of the videos. After editing the videos, you will have to share these videos. This tool also provides straightforward options for the users to share these videos. You can use this software to create 4k videos.

  1. Final Cut Pro:

If you have enough budget and can afford paid software, Final Cut Pro is the best choice. Most famous YouTubers are using this software. The most important quality of this software is that it is also used in Hollywood productions. Its reason is that this tool provides high-end features to the users like HDR support, Magnetic Timeline and advanced colour grading. These essential features of this software make it easy for the video editors to arrange the scenes. This tool has also introduced an impressive noise removal feature. By using this feature, you can also improve the audio quality of the videos. It is also the best software for creating VR videos. Its reason is that this software provides an essential feature of 360 degrees for the users. You can also use this tool to add close captions for YouTube videos. You can use its 30 days trial. After using its 30 days trial, if you like this tool, you can buy it for $299.

  1. Filmora9:

Recommended by a coursework help firm, it is also elegant YouTube video editing software. Lots of famous YouTubers are also using this software to edit their videos. You can easily learn this software. After learning this software, you can easily use this software regardless of your skill level. You can easily use this software on Windows and Mac. This essential software is compatible with the Filmstock effects. You can easily use this software to create amazing effects in YouTube videos. This software has 4k editing support. You can easily use this software to create 4k resolution videos. After creating the videos, you can easily save these videos in your system. This essential software also allows you to share your videos on YouTube. This software is also providing an opportunity for burning the videos. After creating your project, you can easily burn this project in DVD format. This tool provides some basic and advanced features like noise removal, reverse mode and speed control etc. In the advanced tools, there come audio mixer, screen recording and scene detection etc.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides a professional video editing solution to the users. That’s why many YouTubers are using this software to create amazing videos. By using this software, you can not only edit the videos but can also create vector-based graphics in your videos. This software is also a standard tool being used to edit Hollywood videos. By using this software, you can create VR videos. This software also provides 8k results of the videos. You can also create a remote working place by using this software. It means that you can invite other people to your project. If you don’t have access to a PC, you can also use this software to create videos on mobile devices. If you want to add some essential effects to your videos, this is also the best tool. If you want to use this software, you will have to pay $52.99 per month.

  1. Power Director:

Power Director has a fast True Velocity engine. This essential feature of this software has made it the fastest tool for editing videos. Most famous YouTubers are also using this software for live streaming. When you use this tool, you will be impressed by its speed of this tool. This tool is also providing lots of video formats to users. With the help of a single click, you can get access to all of these formats. You can also use this tool to create 360-degree videos like that of action sports. This tool also has impressive motion objects. It means that you can easily track the objects and people. Using its essential features, you can also create the best quality videos for YouTube like the multi-cam designer, colour correction and screen capture etc.

Final Thoughts:

We have listed the best video editing software being used by YouTubers. They will help you reach success and make a name for yourself online. These tools will help you create professional vlogs and videos.

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